DRV profile

DRV group of companies was founded in 1996. At the moment there are 5 departments:

  • Official distribution of 1C products
  • Support, methodological and training materials
  • Education center
  • Project management
  • 1C Accounting

DRV group of companies deals with any services concerning IT products, distribution, publishing and support of mass-market software. We believe in a success of our business solutions. Our commitment to excellence and fluency are depicted in the following principles:
  • We have developed a uniquie approach towards project management. DRV is able to investigate any project from its start to its very end.
  • We have powerful technological platform; we use only top-quality 1С platforms.
  • We have developed an outstanding quality control. This system of quality control grants productive work. The system of quality control consists of standard’s descriptions and explanation of procedures of proper working with the clients. Also, all work operations are documented and controlled. In 2003 DRV group of companies was certificated with international standard of quality ISO 9001-2000.
  • We are expecting long-term cooperation with every company that we work with. We are heading towards mutually beneficial relationships with every our client.

Our experience is built on a personal experience of every expert working for DRV company. Currently there are more than 60 specialists working with Microsoft and 1С software. Almost every our expert is certificated with 1C and Microsoft certificates. DRV is an official partner of 1C Company and DRV also is an official franchisee of 1C company. DRV group of companies has the following titles: the Center of a production competence and The Center of a budget accounting.

Our Education Center has the unique status of the Authorized 1C Education Center. In the education process we are using 1C company's methods and our unique experience. More than 1000 people were taught throughout these years.




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